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Hi, I’m Jeff Kim.

It is not easy to have someone who really understands what you are going through that you can trust. A great coach is someone who has the ability to listen well and ask thought-provoking questions. I have spent hundreds of hours coaching professionals and leaders who want to reach their full potential. My coaching clients are excelling relationally, professionally, as they make a greater impact where they are called. You need an ICF approved coach that maintains the highest standards of ethics in the coaching industry.

If you are not sure if coaching is for you then let’s talk! I have helped many people find success as they unlock their productivity and start maximizing their effectiveness as they work together better with others, take greater responsibility and accountability for their actions and contribute more fully to their team and work environment.

I am a certified ACC Coach with the International Coach Federation with 12 years of living abroad in cross-cultural contexts. I have worked as a Sales Executive in the United States and understand the importance of gaining the competitive edge by understanding one’s clients. I love coaching people enabling them to enter more fully into their dreams, passions, and callings.
I am a bi-lingual English and French speaker and understand the challenges of living and working abroad. I am passionate about helping my clients find success in the direction they want to take. I have one amazing wife and two incredible children.

I look forward to helping you reach your dreams and goals!

With and for you,